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Expert LC & MS Maintenance And Repair


Expert OEM repair service and support on a wide range of LC/MS/MS & HPLC or UPLC

We offer a range of Service Plan options to suit your needs and budget best while ensuring your peace of mind.

Choose from our all-inclusive full-service plans – including all parts, labour, service engineer travel, lodging, and shipping – to custom plans, PM-only plans, or repairs and maintenance only as needed.

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OEM Compliant Parts

All parts and components are fully OEM compliant and compatible with your original instrument factory specifications.

Our strict manufacturing standards ensure the highest levels of quality and durability and all products must meet our stringent live testing requirements.

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  • I have typically avoided service contracts throughout most of my career, probably due to bad experiences. I must say that Lab Tech Support has caused me to re-evaluate my thoughts on this subject.
    Simple excellent service.

    - J.K.T

  • Their team is extremely knowledgeable, phone support/diagnosis of issues has been fast and accurate, and they have provided extremely valuable advice on how to keep our instrument producing the best possible data.

    - J.C.

  • As I'm sure you're aware, the cost of their coverage is completive relative to vendor service agreements (in fact, it was price hikes from Sciex that led us to seek out Lab Tech Support in the first place). Now, not only have I been extremely happy with the service from Lab Tech Support, but their terrific team has also helped us become a more advanced user of our instruments.

    - S.B.

We’re Here To Answer All Your Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Inspect Instrument?

Instrument inspection is included in any service contract.

Can Remote Log In Solve Instrument Problem

Instrument issues can be resolved with remote support in 90% of cases.  There is always a 10%, which is usually when instruments require deep cleaning or part replacement.

Can I Talk With Your Service Team Before Any Commitment To The Service Contract Agreement?

Yes, we're ready to speak with you. You can reach us by phone at 1.800.711.3235 or by email at support@labtechsupport.com.

Can We Try Some Of Your Consumables For Our HPLC Before Buying

Yes, of course. Our customers are pleased with our consumables.  Please contact us at 1.800.711.3235 or email us at contact@labtechsupport.com and provide the instrument model and serial number.

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