Visit Us At WRIB 2022!

Visit Us At WRIB 2022!

Sept 25-30, 2022

Come by our booth at Where Regulators & Industry Convene 2022!

The 16th WRIB (Workshops on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis) is built on the success of the previous meetings, especially the 15th WRIB, which, even if turned from in-person to virtual at the last minute, due to the strong programming, an overwhelming high number of nearly 900 professionals representing pharma/biotech companies, CROs, and multiple regulatory agencies still eagerly convened to actively discuss the most current topics of interest in bioanalysis. High Quality, better compliance to regulations and scientific excellence have always been the foundations of WRIB.

16th WRIB will take place on September 26-30, 2022 in Atlanta, GA, USA. In case you are not sure about travel, remote attendance option will also be made available, and you can switch between the in-person and remote options anytime.

16th WRIB presents again the best and most comprehensive program of the year with the most innovative scientific talks from industry leaders and the latest advice from regulators (with WRIB traditional interactive regulators' sessions) to provide you with the best learning, interacting, and networking opportunity!

Each year WRIB program provides you with novel case studies and emerging approaches because it is the only program built on White Paper recommendations/consensus from the previous years to ensure no repetitions of same discussions but a continuous evolution of Science & Regulations & Technology applications.

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