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Preventative Maintenance PM For Your Mass Spectrometer, HPLC & N2

At Lab Tech Support, we are committed to providing exceptional, customized care that delivers consistently high-quality results. As leaders in the repair, maintenance and support of mass spectrometry and analytical instruments, our core strengths are underscored by PASSION.

Below is the Preventative Maintenance (PM) task table that lists the tasks included in the ‘Pre-PM,’ ‘During-PM,’ and ‘Post-PM’ segments of a PM servicing session

  • Pre PM Service

    • System Inspection
    • Pre-Performance Check
    • Configuration Check
    • Pre-Data Review
    • System Safety Check 
  • During PM Service

    • Source Rebuild
    • Front End Cleaning
    • Ion-Optic Cleaning (if required)
    • Roughing Pump Service
    • Computer Debugging
  • Post PM Service

    • Vacuum Configuration
    • Post-Performance Check
    • Source Configuration
    • Post-Data Review 
    • GMP Detail Report
  • Pre Service

    • System Inspection
    • Pre-Performance Check
    • Configuration Check
    • Pre-Data Review
    • System Safety Check
  • During Service

    • Seals
    • Check Valves (if required)
    • Rotor Seals
    • Needle
    • Needle Seat
    • Filters
  • Post Service

    • Post-Performance Check
    • Flow, Leak, Stability Test
    • Temperature Check
    • Post-Data Review 
    • GMP Detail Report

Every team member shares a passion for detail and quality when striving to get the job done right – always within compliance with OEM and industry standards. 

To this end, we back up our technicians with the tools, training and support they need to service your instruments, and we back it with our 100% customer service assurance.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Everything we do, from how we answer the phone to the parts we stock and the services we provide, is designed to simplify our customers’ lives. 

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction 100% of the time. Our staff is 100% committed to our company’s values.

Mass Spectrometer We Service & Support

Lab Tech Support keeps adding new OEMs to our list of brands and models we support. Check with us to see if we cover your instrument.

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We can provide services on any SCIEX triple quad, q-trap or time of flight LC-MS/MS from old workhorse API 2000 to the most sensitive mass spectrometer 6500 series. 

Sciex Triple Quad Mass Spectrometers

API 2000, API 3000, API 3200, 3500 triple quad, API 4000, 4500 triple quad, API 5000, 5500 triple quad, 6500 triple quad, 6500 triple quad +

Sciex Q-trap Mass Spectrometers

3200Qtrap, 4000Qtrap, 5500Qtrap, 6500Qtrap 

Sciex Time of Flight Mass Spectrometers

QStar Series LC-MS/Tof, 4600 LC-MS/Tof, 5600 LC-MS/Tof, 6600 LC-MS/Tof



Multi Plex System (MPX) with CTC Autosampler


Our OEM-trained service engineers will ensure that your instruments meet maximum performance.

Shimadzu Triple Quad Mass Spectrometers

LCMS-8040, LCMS-8050, LCMS-8060, LCMS-8060NX

Shimadzu High/Ultra High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography HPLC/UPLC

HPLC 10 Series, 20 Series AD/XR, 30 Series AC/XR Nexera X3/XS/ XR

Shimadzu I-Series

LC-2050, LC-2060


Water’s MS Detectors - QDa, SQD, Xevo TQ-S and TQ-XS

Water’s Modular systems, Alliance, ARC HPLC, and Acquity UPLC systems.

515, 15X5, 25X5 pumps, Rheodyne injectors, 2690/5 and e2695 Alliance with 2487/2489 UV/Vis or 2996/2998 PDA detectors. Specialty detectors 2414 RI, 2475 FLR and 2424 ELS Detectors.

H-Class, I-Class, and M-Class Acquity UPLC systems.
Classic/Standard UPLC with BSM, Sample Manager, Sample Organizer, Column Manager and various detectors.

Training and maintenance of GPC applications for Waters
GPC instruments with Breeze/Empower software.

Customized training for HPLC/UPLC Best Practices and
Empower software for new users.

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